E-Journal of Severe Storms Meteorology



The Electronic Journal of Severe Storms Meteorology (EJSSM) is an open-access, international, scientific, formal, online journal for the publication of original and updated research. Through peer reviewed notes and articles, EJSSM serves the community of meteorology that is concerned with severe storms, including both convective and nonconvective severe weather. EJSSM exists to improve understanding, prediction, preparedness and mitigation of all severe local storm hazards.


The following principles embody the philosophy of EJSSM.

EJSSM encourages open access.

Accepted manuscripts are available to all with internet access immediately upon publication. Accepted manuscripts are subject to only minimal page charges, and lack of ability to pay does not preclude or hamper publication.

EJSSM strives to uphold high standards for published manuscripts.

Submitted manuscripts are welcome from all. The review process is designed to be a constructive and prompt way to improve and approve submitted manuscripts. All manuscripts, however, must maintain the high standards of EJSSM. EJSSM is considered a formal peer-reviewed publication.

EJSSM encourages active participation

and debate of our published manuscripts. Reviewers do not maintain their anonymity. Edited versions of the reviews of the manuscript and authors’ responses to substantive comments are published along with the accepted manuscript. Readers are encouraged to post their comments on published manuscripts online.

EJSSM strives for rapid dissemination

of research results and immediate feedback online. Authors, reviewers, and editors strive to make the time from initial submission of a manuscript to the final version of the article appearing online be no more than a few months.


This journal utilizes the LOCKSS system to create a distributed archiving system among participating libraries and permits those libraries to create permanent archives of the journal for purposes of preservation and restoration. Read more...



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