E-Journal of Severe Storms Meteorology

E-Journal of Severe Storms Meteorology, Vol 1, No 1 (2006)

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Introducing EJSSM

Edwards, R., and D. M. Schultz, 2006: Editorial: Introducing EJSSM. Electronic J. Severe Storms Meteor., 1(1), 1–2. 1


Welcome to the Electronic Journal of Severe Storms Meteorology (EJSSM), a new, all-electronic, peerreviewed journal publishing papers related to all facets of severe weather science. We aim to provide a robust, lasting, and respected medium for all severe storms scientists to read, review, and publish research that will contribute to the science of meteorology. EJSSM is a publication by and for meteorologists, devoted wholly to promoting better scientific understanding and prediction of severe weather.

This e-journal has four core principles:

  • EJSSM encourages open access. Accepted manuscripts are available to all with internet access immediately upon publication.
  • EJSSM strives to uphold high standards for published manuscripts. Submitted manuscripts are welcome from all. The peer-review process is designed to be a constructive and prompt way to improve and approve submitted manuscripts. All manuscripts, however, must maintain the high standards of EJSSM.
  • EJSSM encourages active participation and debate of our published manuscripts. Reviewers do not maintain their anonymity. Edited versions of the reviews of the manuscript and authors’ responses to substantive comments are published along with the accepted manuscript. Readers are encouraged to post their comments on published manuscripts online.
  • EJSSM strives for rapid dissemination of research results and immediate feedback online. Authors, reviewers, and editors strive to make the time from initial submission of a manuscript to the final version of the article appearing online be no more than a few months.

The seeds of EJSSM were sown from e-mail discussions among several meteorologists of diverse backgrounds, ages, and interests who share one intense passion: understanding severe weather to the greatest extent possible. As prior authors, reviewers, editors, and readers of the formal literature, we
recognized a significant, yet unfulfilled, need worldwide: to collect and disseminate up-to-date findings in all aspects of severe weather meteorology, freely and promptly, under rigorous scientific and ethical standards, to anyone and everyone interested.

After examining assorted options, we decided that the only way to make this happen was to roll up our sleeves and get to work. As this effort took root and ideas were bantered about, several more enthusiastic people climbed aboard, lending their scientific, technical, and editorial skill to the project. This truly is a
collaborative effort, a sum of many talents and minds, without any of whom EJSSM could not have developed.

EJSSM is founded and run entirely by dedicated volunteers, with no paid staff and a minimum of expense necessary to operate wholly electronic media. It operates through a small, nonprofit, oversight organization, Electronic Journals of Meteorology (EJM). This structure was devised in order to keep
overhead—and by extension, authors’ eventual publication costs—to an affordable minimum, while still providing to severe weather science a publication of the highest standards.

EJSSM won’t be a static or inertially driven endeavor, but, instead, a fluid medium. As such, we recognize that new ideas are not only good for the success of any scientific publication, but absolutely necessary. We welcome suggestions for improvement. We also encourage volunteers who share the EJSSM’s principles, and who wish to make a difference in the science, to help with any facet of the journal’s operation — whether as author, reviewer, or editor. Indeed, a number of high-quality reviewers, well regarded for their contributions to severe storms meteorology, already have agreed to lend their talents to EJSSM. Offers of technical and financial support are welcome, as well.

We believe that EJSSM represents an important turning point, a crossroads that can lead to exciting and valuable happenings in atmospheric science. As one of our founders Dr. Charles Doswell III has said famously about thunderstorms, this journal is not an object, but, instead, a process—in this case, one that will document the evolution of severe storms science. Our hope for the coming years is that this process goes well beyond the present roster of founders to new generations of atmospheric scientists, who will build and evolve EJSSM while upholding its driving ideals, as meteorology advances into territory well beyond today’s imagination.

To learn more about EJSSM, including our more detailed mission and purpose, how the e-journal process works, what types of work to submit, and how to publish here, please peruse our website. Please sign up for our free email notification announcing when new issues are published.

We deeply appreciate the support and contributions of our colleagues in the severe storms community. Thank you very much for your time and talents.

Roger Edwards
Chief Editor

Dr. David M. Schultz
Assistant Editor
1 January 2006

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